Monday, October 31, 2016

Decor / Stella's Room Lighting

Oh, that ugly "boob" light. While the guys are waiting for the cement to dry in the master bath project, I had them update Stella's light in her room. A lot of things we did two years ago were last minute updates while the project was in motion. Stella's room had a torch lamp (her only source of lighting) but we wanted something that we could control via switch. I didn't have enough time to research and buy the light I wanted. Hence, the ugly "boob" light. It was always supposed to be temporary, I tell myself. Just as we decided to renovate the master bath, I immediately snatched up the west elm Globe Flushmount when they had their major 20% sale. Strangely, I got it for $69 (plus 20% off). Looking at the site now, it's priced at $99. I'm not sure if I got the price from a glitch.


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