Monday, October 31, 2016

Decor / Bath(tub) Remodel

We're finally fixing up our master bathtub and we're almost done! It was one of the areas from our remodel two years ago that we decided to forego because I just had a baby and the project was taking too long (three times to be exact). What started as a simple shower leak fix to "Screw it! Let's remodel it now that we have time." Well, it's been 5 days since we started the project. I was told it would be 3 days but with unexpected tenant piping issue from another property, we had to use our contractor to fix that problem first. But really, that's okay. Our master bathroom was an eyesore and as long as it's finished, I won't complain that much.

But, everything is coming together and I'm very excited. When we first started, I knew I wanted classic subway tiles with a sunken tub because they're a bit wider than a standard tub. And it's a regular tub, not a jacuzzi tub. Ours were installed with a jacuzzi tub so cleaning the jets were extremely annoying and difficult.

And no more shower doors. I don't know anyone who thinks keeping a shower door (spotless) clean is easy. I hate the look when it gets hard water stains and calcium build-ups. Some say use a squeegee after every shower use, but I don't have that time in the morning, especially when I have to be up by 4am to get ready for work. And depending on the size of your bathroom, shower doors can make the space look smaller. My tub is sectioned off in another room of the bathroom, so it always seemed a bit tight between the tub and the toilet. With a shower curtain, it's easier to clean and cheaper to replace.

Today, the plan is to finish tiling, complete the shower niche and fix the dry wall. (The dry wall was slightly damaged because the tub was a bit too long for the space.). Then grout, fix up the wall, and then maybe we'll get to use it by Wednesday (let the grout and cement dry).


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