Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Decor / Living Room Mirror

At last!! This wall is complete! Just a simple, yet big (43" big, BIG!!) to fill up the space. Nothing busy but a mirror to open up the space.

This wall is about 82" wide so having it empty for so long made that part of the room seem bare. I knew I didn't want to hang any pictures because I'd get bored real quick. I even thought about another picture ledge. But because where the sofa is situated, it's a slightly narrow walkway and I didn't want anyone to bump into it. Then I saw Amber Interiors blog and she had a massive brass mirror by the entryway for one of her clients. That's when I knew I wanted a gigantic mirror. It had to make a statement.

The mirror had to be round with a simple, thin frame. Nothing ornate or decorative. And everything about my living room is grey, white, and blue. I wanted to add some warmth, so the mirror's frame had to be either brass/gold or wood. I spent months looking for the right mirror. I told myself I was going to take my time until I found the one I that love. I also had a budget so I knew a mirror that size wasn't going to be cheap. The CB2 Acacia Wood Mirror ($299) was reasonably priced but when I measured my wall, 40" seemed like it wasn't big enough. I really LOVE the CB2 Infinity Brass Mirror ($229) but it was only 36".

I searched every possible site online and a few weeks ago, I found the Uttermost Junius Round Mirror. It's 43" and priced at $363. I noticed that the description mentioned that it has an antique finish. Some had complained about it but looking at pictures and reviews, it didn't seem that bad. Some loved it because they knew what they were going to get. So, last week, I told myself that if I didn't get it now, I never will. I found the mirror on and purchased it there because it was tax-free and free shipping. Less than a week later (this past Monday), it was delivered. While we had some guys working on our master bath, they offered to hang it up for me. That was awesome because I'm always nervous about punching holes into the wall.


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