Thursday, December 8, 2016

Decor / Finally a Coffee Table

I waited patiently for Black Friday to buy a coffee table. It's also a good time to get one since my daughter is getting a bit older and doesn't need the space to crawl around. I knew it had to be round so there would be less chances of her injuring herself than if I got a square/rectangular table. It had to be white as all my furniture and flooring are a bit dark and slightly bulky. I had hoped to get the CB2 Shroom Coffee Table. However, it's made of stone and concrete composite and natural fibers. In other words, it's porous and susceptible to stains. My child would ruin it in a day.

Instead, I got this pretty Savafeih Maris Coffee Table on All Modern. It's listed 50% for $230. I waited til after Thanksgiving for the extra deal and ended up only paying $153! I'm a bit older, hence, a bit wiser, so I waited until there was a sale even though the current price is still a pretty good steal.


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