Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eat / The Wallace

The Wallace
3833 Main Street
Culver City, CA 90232


Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Decor / Toy Clutter Solution

My house isn't that big, so when the living room became Stella's playroom, I had to keep that under control. Now, I'm not judging all the other parents who let their kids have all that clutter laying around. But, for me personally, I like some order and it's a good way to teach Stella about organization. I try to teach her to play one toy at a time and put the rest away. So far, it works. But as for as storage is concerned, I didn't want a storage ottoman because it looks too bulky and really, traditional. So, I picked an upholstered bench (for variety of future uses) and baskets so it's easy for Stella to pull out and put back.

west elm Mid Century Upholstered Bench / Crate & Barrel Sedona Honey Totes


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Decor / Guest Room

This guest room has furniture and decor that I don't know what to do with, or were gifted from friends, or were bought with an idea in mind (now is lost). As you can see, it's pretty plain. I moved that rug wall art from side to side. The mudcloth doesn't have an exact home yet but it's here for now. And for my DIY, the headboard is actually a tan microfiber nail headboard. I bought a grey IKEA throw and draped it over the headboard. I pinned the excess fabric with some flat tacks.

To be continued...


Decor / Stella's Room

I finally got around to decorating her room. It used to just have a crib and dresser (changing table) because I was too exhausted to do anything when she was a baby. Now, she's slightly older (just over 2 years old) and doesn't need constant attention. Since she was born, I've been collecting decorative items here and there but never had an idea of how I wanted to use it in her room until now.

Sources / For Like Ever Poster / Target Pillowfort Unicorn Head Wall Decor / My Red Hand Gang Clothes Hanger / Jardin des Fleurs Customized Art Print / Oh Joy! Wall Dot Decals / Land of Nod Mod Botanical Throw Pillow / Land of Nod Head in the Clouds Pillow / Target Pillowfort "The Coolest Kids in Town" Pillow Case / Target Pillowfort "Young, Wild & Free" Pillow Case


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Decor / Dwell on Design - East Side/Hills Tour

Dwell on Design East Side/Hills Tour

Temple Hill House
Originally constructed in 1965, this beautiful, 2,125 square foot home was renovated in 2013 to create a luxurious 4 bed, 3.5 bath oasis in the Hollywood Hills. While trying to preserve the design intention of the original Buff, Straub, and Hensman home, Architect Don Mathias Dimster added important additional rooms and a gorgeous rooftop terrace. Located in the hills of Beachwood Canyon, this downhill lot had been previously subdivided and left no opportunity to add beyond the existing footprint. The entire structure was reengineered to add a roof deck – valuable flat area on the steep lot. To protect the clean lines of the original home, the roof deck was surrounded with a glass railing; barely visible from the outside and allowing for unobstructed views. The stair was extended to the roof level and two glass landings let light filter through to the floors below.

Trousdale Residence
Originally designed by master architect Rex Lotery in 1960, and restored in 2015 by the architectural firm Woods + Dangaran, the Trousdale Residence is located in the storied Trousdale Estates area of Beverly Hills. The project maintained the midcentury vision of the house while updating the finishes and opening up the original layout with a large kitchen and entertaining space. Raised, wood-clad ceilings surrounded by Clerestory windows bring in natural light throughout the entry and main living spaces. The interior space features extensive teak casework and terrazzo flooring throughout.

Black House
Originally built in 1978, builder Scott Harris and designer Jennie Garth did a total transformation to create a beautiful 4,000 square foot, 5 bed, 4.5 bath luxury home. From wood stained cabinetry to a custom floating fireplace to a hillside infinity pool with a underwater speaker system, Garth and Harris did not take anything off the table. The creativity and design of the home is as unique as the homeowner herself. With the home on 42,500 square feet of plentiful greenery and 180 degree views of San Fernando Valley, the yard was screaming for a putting green and water features.

(description from the website)


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Decor / Clean House

It's pretty rare these days that I get this house THIS clean with a two-year old wanting to play everything all at once in the living room. I look at this picture and I'm ready to update the house (dining chairs, pillows, the bar/vignette, clock, etc.) But first things first: rug. I got this rug when we renovated the house 2 years ago and needed a rug to replace an even uglier rug. It was a haste decision because I still had my old furniture that I didn't want anymore and it just had to match those for now. Now that I have a new sofa, I kinda know what I'm looking for: something simple, shaggy, and simple to contrast the dark colors of the floors.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

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