Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Decor / Toy Clutter Solution

My house isn't that big, so when the living room became Stella's playroom, I had to keep that under control. Now, I'm not judging all the other parents who let their kids have all that clutter laying around. But, for me personally, I like some order and it's a good way to teach Stella about organization. I try to teach her to play one toy at a time and put the rest away. So far, it works. But as for as storage is concerned, I didn't want a storage ottoman because it looks too bulky and really, traditional. So, I picked an upholstered bench (for variety of future uses) and baskets so it's easy for Stella to pull out and put back.

west elm Mid Century Upholstered Bench / Crate & Barrel Sedona Honey Totes


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