Saturday, July 2, 2016

Decor / Art Gallery Ledge

I wasn't not sure what to do with this picture ledge. (I can't commit to art for more than a few weeks so a wall gallery won't work.) And I don't want it to be all photos of us. I want it to be different and have a variety of art displays. So far, all I can think of are: pictures of us as a family (we should at least one one photo of the family, right?), Stella's art pieces (they're as good as they're gonna get for a two-year-old), something personal (a beach picture I took when we were in mexico), an artwork that I like (which happens to be the Fleetwood Mac's album cover), an art replica, and finally a vase (that sits empty until Jason feels generous and buys me flowers). So really, no rhyme or reason. Stay tune... this will change.


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