Monday, October 10, 2016

Inspiration / Bathtub Redo

After finding a small leak in the shower head, we decided to just redo the bathtub/shower. It's one of the things we didn't do during the last remodel 2 years ago. We have one of those skirted jacuzzi tubs with the jetting system. It's extremely annoying and hard to clean those jet sprays because you just can't get to those every nooks and crannies. We hardly, EVER used it, too. And we have a glassdoor that overtime, it looks kinda filthy because, again, it's hard to clean every surface. We want a redo with new tiles and shower curtains. Keeping it simple.

Our wishlist would be simple white subway tiles with a shower niche to hold all our shampoos, conditioner, soap, loofahs, face wash (because there are his and her's). Thinking long-term, if we ever move, we want the bang-for-your-buck, so we still want a tub for the shower. Resale value is always better with a tub and allows us to use a shower curtain instead of a glass door. (We figured we can always install a glass door when we move.) For the shower head and hardware, we night go with traditional nickel brush. I would LOVE gold, brass, or rose gold, but replacement parts are hard to find. Again, we're thinking simplicity.

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