Monday, January 16, 2017

Decor / New Side Table

I wasn't in the market for a new side table but when I took my cousin decor shopping on Sunday and I found this beauty. We started at the Pottery Barn Outlet (in West Covina, CA) hoping to find any home accessories that might fit her style. While walking around towards the back room, I noticed these West Elm nested marble tables. There were two prices on each of the nested tables: $149 and $89. From past experiences here, two prices mean one for the top table and other for the legs. But since each table had 2 prices, the total was $500. Now, that didn't make much sense as I didn't think that was such a great deal. Then, I had assumed that since these are a set, the larger table was $149 and the smaller priced at $89. (These prices made more sense, this being at an outlet.) I snagged the price tags immediately (as this is how you claim the items by taking the tags off). The sales associate ranged up the items for a total of $260 (including tax).

As my cousin and I started to walk away with the tables, the she informed me that she only charged me for one table. I was a bit disappointed that it was just one table. I didn't think much of it except in my head, I thought I had been ripped off. A few hours later, I was checking my e-mail and noticed one in particular that titled "side table." After I left the outlet, the sales associate realized she had made a mistake and she did charge me for both tables as they are a set. She and her manager wrapped up the other table and informed me that I can pick up the table at my next convenience. So, today, I stopped by real quick after lunch and as promised, it was waiting in the front with my name on it. In all, I really appreciated their customer service to reach out to me regarding this mix-up.


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