Saturday, January 21, 2017

Decor / Living Room Lighting

I finally got rid of the torchiere floor lamp that we had for 12 years!! We kept it as long as we did because it did a good job of lighting up the room. I liked that light pointed upwards and it bounced off my high white ceilings and made it brighter in the living room. But, man, it was ugly! And I had a bad feeling Stella might knock it over and break it like she did with another floor lamp we used to have.

So, after a few months of searching online, I decided that I wanted a long arm sconce. Not only does it have to look nice (for obvious reasons), but it also had to be able to swivel upwards. My living room walls are white so I wanted to make good use of bouncing the light off the walls. And, it needed to be plugin because I didn't want to hire someone to install a hardware light as the old torchiere light was also a plugin.

Now, I'm a big fan of mid-century design, so when I found this replica Greta Grossman Cobra Sconce from France and Son for $135 shipped, I was done. (The real deal would've cost me $400.) I found a few other but picked this one because of the size and color. And I enlisted my friends to pick their favorites and this was it. I see it as an art piece and it blends into the background nicely, right?

Other lights I thought about // France and Son Antony Wall Sconce, $175, or Cocotte Wall Sconce, $145 / CB2 Mantis Wall Sconce, $129, or Swing Arm White Wall Sconce, $79.95 / west elm Mid-Century Overacrching Wall Sconce, $279


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