Saturday, January 23, 2016

Decor / Finally New Sofa

We didn't do much after the renovation almost two years ago. I told myself that I wouldn't get anything unless I love it. Well, we got a new sofa!! It's the Living Spaces Aidan (91" wide, 41" depth). I love that it's wide so it fits all three of us. I thought the first purchase item should be the sofa and all other things will fall into place. Get an idea of where I'm going with the updates. We only have a living room (which is also the family room) so the sofa needed to be big, wide, and comfortable to lounge. The issue with the old sofa was that the arms were too high and so, t was hard to lay back and watch TV. With the new sofa, the arms were very low and just high enough so that I can lay my head down like a pillow. Stella seems very agreeable in the picture, don't you think? Oh, and it comes with two very large pillows (24") so I'm hoping to repurpose it as floor pillows. We'll see.

My first choice was the Crate & Barrel Lounge II sofa (83" wide, 46" depth) but it was way too pricey for us at almost $1,600. The Aiden sofa cost more than half of the Lounge II. I figured the Aiden is a great, sturdy sofa for a much more reasonable price. I can put more money on other items I want to buy (i.e., RUG, dining chairs, decor, tables, etc.)

Oh! And I got that replica Herman Miller Eames Chair (with ottoman) for $600 on craigslist. I picked it up locally from a warehouse. They only had 2 options to choose from (white and black leather). We had to put it together ourselves but it was super easy.


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